Post Malone and NTWRK Unite to Release Dallas Cowboys Collection

Dallas Cowboys
Post Malone

Post Malone worked with NTWRK to show his love for ‘America’s Team’, the Dallas Cowboys. Having shown a resurgence that quite frankly has not been seen since the mid-90s, there is a lot for Cowboys fans to be excited for and the capsule encapsulates much of that raw energy.


Releasing just in time for their big divisional showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles, the collection comprises of boxy oversized hoodies, tees, bomber jackets and uniquely-tailored jersey tops. Each garment has been specially co-branded with the club’s logo and visual identity, but packaged in a way that feels familiar to the timeless tour tee that does not feel at all force — like many leagues often opt for to just throw out more product in the ecosystem — and that will likely keep a place on the racks of the most diehard of fans from season to season.


While born in Upstate New York, Malone inherited his love for the Cowboys from his dad, Rich, who once served as the assistant director of food and beverage for the club. As any die hard, he has even gone on record to say that if the Cowboys were to win the Super Bowl, he’d get the fabled no. 88 tatted, which has been worn by Hall of Famers, Drew Pearson and Michael Irvin, as well as Dez Bryant and now CeeDee Lamb.


Designed in collaboration with Cheatin Snakes Worldwide, standouts in the capsule include the Doomsday Defense Baseball Jersey, featuring a retro graphic on the left pocket and back emblematic of the ’80s and the early ’90s. For those looking to make a bigger statement at the tailgate, the “Malone” Double Jersey carries an unmistakably Southern bravado that will get plenty of use come Sunday. Shop the full collection online.


(01) by Cheatin Snakes Worldwide

(02) by NTWRK